Sunday, November 13, 2011

Poems of Love

Your memories are better than you, my love.  
Unlike you they come and stay with me forever.
They are my constant companion, 
when you are not with me.
The dark night was scary enough, my love,
And to add to that the thunder roared to its fullest.
When you are not with me my love, everything in the world teams up against me and works to scare and torture me. Why would you leave me all alone in this monsoon season, when even the birds, animals and ascetics stay in one place and do not travel .
What need there is for volumes of text and verses 
to explain matters of heart and mind.
When a simple glance can say and express 
all the feelings and emotions, 
when a smile which can conquer 
hearts of the universe 
without saying a single word.
My days and nights,
Go passing by promising me 
and giving me the hope of union 
with you someday, my love.
Hours pass by when I am with you 
like a blink of the eyes
I know we have  spent many lives together like that .
Evening comes all prepared to torture me 
with thoughts and memories of you, 
tightening my throat like a rope.
Night dark like a cave, I am left all alone, 
bit by the snake of separation from you.
And than the day comes again 
illuminating the reality and reminding me, 
that life without you, my love, is just a drag. 
How long will my days drag on without you my love?
Like me, my love, there are millions in this world.
But like you, only one in a million universes.
No wonder both my heart and eyes are 
attracted and attached only to you, my love.
What is a day or a lifetime worth, 
spent without you, my love.
I would gladly accept just a moment 
lived with you in your embrace, 
or in thoughts and memories of you.
Eternity without you, my love,
is like food without salt, just tasteless.
You ask me, “ Why I love you ?”
My mind gives a thousand reasons,
But my heart knows and has only one.
To be mad in love is better than being sane
Cause one who tries to remain sane in love 
is indeed mad.
Let me take my last breath in your arms, my love.
Close to your heart, 
where I can feel the warmth of your embrace and 
hear the synchronized beats of our hearts, 
celebrating our union.
Gazing in your eyes, 
What else can I ask?
What more is there?
Even heaven is worthless.
In union I have you with me, my love.
In separation I feel your presence 
in each and every thing  of the world.
But that does not matter, 
cause you are my world and  my universe.
You indeed are a magician, my love,
Cause you make me see your sweet smiling face, 
even with my eyes closed.
My heart, mind and soul 
swim in the ocean of your love always, 
where swimming and drowning 
both gives equal pleasure, my love.
My mind, my love, 
like an elephant 
is always tied to 
the pillar of your memories.
People die when they cannot breathe.
But when you forget me, my love,
I surely will die even with my breath.
People give extra ordinary excuses 
to remain ordinary.
When you are not with me, my love,
The rising and setting 
of the sun and the moon 
seems useless and just a waste of time.
Cause when you are not with me,
Day or night, dawn or dusk,
Nothing really matters,
Time itself stops and freezes with me
That very moment you leave me, my love.
Sun, though it gives light,
It also creates shadows.
And so is knowledge, it enlightens,
But also can bring confusion, doubts 
and more questions.
Than what to speak of love,
Which is so very potent to make you 
happy and rejoice in union and sad in separation.
Without you my love,
Every breath is torture,
But with you, in your arms
Even death is sweet and satisfying.
“This is how much I love you.” God said, 
pointing at the ocean in front of us.
Measure, if you can, 
the depth and vastness of the ocean below 
and the space above, which I created just for you.
That is how much I love you.
Without you my love,
Even my very own breath is a burden.
Different Journeys, One destination.
What would I do with 
a formless, faceless God 
without a Smile?
Life without you, my love , 
is lonely even in the crowded world full of people.
But with you it becomes a festive celebration.
Memories and thoughts of you 
put smile on my lips and 
happiness in my heart. 
They are like soothing balm 
to my heart which is scared by the 
dagger of separation from you, my love.
I would wait all eternity, 
in hope of union with you, my love.
My life in separation from you
is like a cave in a dark night, 
and the only lamp which burns 
and illuminates are your memories 
and  the hope of union with you soon, my love.
Without you present with me 
right here right now,
my very life & breath 
which was so dear to me once,
has become my worst & deadliest enemy.
Thank God, my love, that You are my God, 
Cause what would I do 
with a formless, faceless God 
without a smile?
My worthless existence, my love,
has become priceless just by your glance.
Now my every breathe & every heart beat,
sings of your greatness & compassion constantly.
You alone my love are both 
the cause of all my pain,
and also, the cure of all my suffering.
What is this restlessness 
in your absence, my love,
of the body, mind & spirit ?
The creepers unite in embrace 
with trees in joy, 
the bees kiss and taste the nectar 
from their many beloved flowers. 
Even the day yields to unite 
with night at dusk.
Than why do you, my love, 
choose to stay away 
from me when my heart 
only desires to be in your embrace. 
Two mirrors facing each other 
can reflect in them so many images 
of the object between them.
Than why not in this creation of yours, my love,
the two worlds one material and the spiritual 
and you as its center have 
unlimited forms, names and pastimes of you?
Let the wind of your grace blow 
and take me, the dust, at your door step, 
my love, and keep me there forever, 
my eternal destination.
The destiny and desire of  every 
seed is to become a forest someday,
every drop of water to become ocean one day,
and every heart to love and be loved always.
Loving you is my prayers, 
meditation and spiritual practice, 
which does not happen by my efforts, 
endeavor and plans, my love. 
But like the effortless 
rising and setting of the sun and the moon, 
the gentle flow of the rivers, 
waves in the ocean and 
all the other things in the universe 
that happens just by your grace, my love.
The dark night stretches endlessly 
like a shoreless ocean without you, my love. 
My bed feels as if on fire, 
when you are not with me 
and I don’t have your arms to rest my head on 
close to your face.
Memories and thoughts of you 
put smile on my face/lips and 
happiness in my heart.
They are like soothing balm 
to my heart which is pierced by 
the dagger of separation from you , my love.
The gift of eyes from you we have, my love, 
but still we could not see 
till the grace of your light 
entered our world.
How is this suppose to help anyone (me) my love? 
Some say You are “Unborn”, but you “Appear”. 
Some say You are “Formless”, 
but You take the most beautiful form 
in the entire universe.
You for whom even fear personified is afraid  of,
is afraid of your mothers angry eyes and her stick.
You the limitless is being bound 
with a rope by your mother. 
You, who is the lord of the entire creation, “Steals”. 
All these so human like activities of You my love 
and than there is your superhuman pastimes like,
You lifted a mountain for seven days and nights 
on your left hand pinky,
You danced of the head of a giant, poisonous serpent,
Swallowed a forest fire, 
even I am bewildered what to speak of anyone else,
I can go on and on and on my love....
cause there is no limit or end to your pastimes.
Happy Birthday Krsna !!!
In silence, 
I hear Your voice.
In the crowded world, 
I miss and yearn for Your presence.
And with eyes both closed & wide open,
I dream of You.
They tell me,  Why should I believe in God? 
I cannot see God, where is God? There is no God. 
I do not believe in what I cannot see, feel, touch 
or experience.
So out of Your compassion you appeared 
as super soul and accompanied the soul 
so very close in the heart.
But the foolish could not see You 
nor feel Your presence even from so close.
Than You appeared in this world from time to time 
for the benefit of all in animals, birds, plants and human forms. 
But still they thought of You as ordinary like them. 
You also became stone in form of deities so that 
they could touch you and  serve your deity form,
and in doing so eventually understand Your divine form and 
increasing their love for You.
But still the arrogant and ignorant self 
kept denying your presence.
How can God be stone? 
Or its just a stone and not God they said.
The gift of eyes from you we have, my love, 
but still we could not see 
till the grace of your light 
entered our world.
How foolish of us humans, my love,
To realize and understand that
eyes without sight,
ears without hearing,
body without soul,
well without water and
the list can go on and on..... is useless.
But never even once try to think about our 
heart without love for you, my love.
Like water is for thirst,
Like food is for hunger,
Like light is for sight, similarly
Like soul is for love &
Love is for God.
Is the ocean hidden in a drop of water,
Or  the drop in the ocean?
Is the tree hidden in the seed of the fruit,
Or the seed in one of the fruits of the tree?
You, my love,
In me, or me in You?
Why do we keep searching for You, my love, 
everywhere , but in our hearts, 
when through our heart beats 
you keep knocking and calling us constantly.
Thoughts of  You, my love,
Come and go, like breath,
And keep me alive.
I dance in my stillness
And sing in my silence.
Like a flower and its fragrance,
Like wood and the fire hidden in it,
Like soul and consciousness,
Like You and me, my love,
inseparable but still separate.
In your eyes, 
I see my world.
In your silence, 
I experience the presence of your love.
And in your glance,
I feel your embrace.
Your glance, my love,
Is your secret unseen army.
When you glance with 
Love & Compassion,
Even your enemy would
Willingly surrender at your feet.
Than what to speak of my heart
which is already a slave at your doorstep.
Come unite with me,
said the flower to the bee,
When you kiss me,
the nectar from your lips,
make me sweet too.
Some say that everything is incomplete without you,
And I say there is nothing without you, my love, 
than where did the question of incompleteness arise?
Away when you go, my love,
So does the coolness stay away.
How else can I explain 
this burning from within, in your absence, 
even in this cooling monsoon.
Fire burns,
Water cools,
Breeze soothes, &
Separation kills.
But in your absence, my love,
Both water and breeze burn me, &
Fire and separation from you, 
As not taken my life yet.
What do I do now?
Why should I keep my life & for whom?
The moon though far away from earth, 
creates waves and tides in the ocean.
Similarly when you are away,
Waves of your memories,
Storm in ocean of my mind.
The sweet and soothing sound
of your flute calms me,
But also makes me restless and 
eager to be with you again.
And when I cannot be with you,
The very God of Love,
Becomes the God of Death to me.
Like the water though poured 
in many different cups taste the same,
So also God in many different forms 
and names is same.
One love put in two hearts 
to experience and express oneness, 
just like two eyes, one vision.
Why do people forget that ,
Love is not for mouth but heart.
Like the shining moon in the sky,
Is my love for you, my love,
Though it wanes and waxes,
By the influence of my material existence,
It thrives to be full and shine.
There are also stars, like my so many desires, 
but does not effect the light of the moon, 
my love for you.
How foolish of those who blame 
others for their mistakes,
Its like trying to clean the dirt on your face
by cleaning the mirror.
So far away but still more closer 
than the closest atom and molecule.
Why people say I am alone,
When you haunt my mind 
and thoughts all the time.
Thoughts of you, my love, 
do not see day or night.
They flood my mind all the time, and
I drown in your thoughts willingly 
with a smile on my face.
Strange but true, love the bodiless God,
operates without any weapons.
Never a day passes by without memories of you.
My day starts with thoughts of you 
and at night you are the only one 
I yearn and want to be with.
My eyes again want to witness 
your beautiful face with a sweet smile.
My lips want to taste the sweetness of your lips and
I want to rest in the warm embrace 
of your arms again.
Seeing hundred of ants rushing around to taste 
the sweetness of a single grain of sugar,
reminded me of millions and millions of Gopis
surrounding you in your rasa dance, my love,
they taste the sweetness of your beauty, 
you who is the cause and also the source 
of all that is sweet and beautiful 
in this creation of yours.
Though just a tiny spark,
The warmth of my love,
Will melt your heart one day, someday.
Do you miss me, my love,
The way I miss and think of you,
If not than you must be either stone or God.
But in my land they both are same.
Oh heartless one,
Go borrow a heart from somewhere,
Than can you feel my Love and  Pain.
Let your mind, ego and intellect 
drown in the ocean of love.
What fun would it be for an alcoholic,
If he would drink just once and be high forever.
In fact it is his coming back to his normal sense 
that makes him understand, miss and yearn 
to achieve that state again which he experienced when drunk. 
That is why God created dualities in this world.
To teach us to appreciate.
When the veil of illusion and ego disappears,
I sit naked in front of you.
When I know that the strings are in your hands,
than why do I fear to raise my feet to dance?
I want to be stupidly stubborn,
in my faith and devotion to You.
Let my spirit be,
free, joyous, happy, graceful & original,
like the birds flying and dancing in the sky.
I better be like roots,
Hidden and protected under the earth,
with humility, than to be like
the leaves and flowers on the the branches,
Trying to reach great heights 
showing their beauty with pride,
only to wither by the change of season.
What is this game you play with us, 
my love, like the web of illusion,
You give us eyes to see 
everything in this world but Yourself.
The feeling of loneliness in our hearts, 
is just the result and shadow 
of our separation from you, my love.
Instead  of finding You 
who is the true and only cure 
of all our pain and sufferings and 
making you the center of our lives,
we try to use material relations 
in this world for quick fix and temporary relief.
Why would I want the world or anything from it?
When I have You, You are my world and universe.
I want to be stupidly stubborn, 
in my faith and devotion to You.
Let my spirit be,
free, joyous, happy, graceful and original,
like the birds flying and dancing in the sky.
Why do we impose the limitations 
of our perception and understanding 
on the basis of our faulty, imperfect intellect and knowledge 
to your attributes and say that 
You are formLESS, and snatch from You 
the very gift of form you bestowed on us.
This creation of yours, my love,
Which is full of forms,
From the tiniest ant and the insects
to a giant elephants, mountains and tress, 
everything has form.
And still the foolish say and believe that you are formLess.
When there is two,
When there is duality,
Than there is at least a possibility 
of oneness between those two things.
Oneness of two ( beings/people)
Is better than just simply one person.
When you are by my side
the night slips in a blink
and in your absence it becomes endless.
Everything in this world 
That I see is a cycle, a duality.
The night is just a promise of the dawn and light.
Death only a transition in the journey of life.
So also I see and know that this separation from you is just a temporary phase,
Promising union with you again.
No matter how much the sugar tries 
to merge and become one with 
the cup of milk or tea, 
it still will keep its individuality. 
It can get rid of its form by getting dissolve, 
but it will always be there in the Form of sweetness.
I believe in the marriage of two souls 
on the compatibility and match of their 
hearts, minds and intellect.
Than that of two people, 
on the basis of horoscope, caste, 
family, customs and desire.
Every evening, at dusk,
You set my heart on fire
to light up the sky in colors of
red, orange & gold.
Let my mind, heart and spirit/soul,
Soak deep deep in the sweetness 
Of Your name, form and pastime.
I like the constant feeling of 
empty and incompleteness within my heart,
It helps me to remember you always and
increase my yearning for you more and more.
Both birth and death started
circumambulating around me,
realizing my true and eternal nature.
Love is blind & heart is headless.
You created us humans and also 
the gender of male and female among us.
Than what is so difficult and impossible 
for You to manifest in any of the either,
When there is a need to express your love for us?
It is like saying you made me a millionaire 
but You cannot be one.
Just a simple thought of the feeling 
of being in the warmth of your cozy arms 
instantly destroys and melts away 
all my pain and tiredness of a million births.
They ask me “ Do you drink ?”.
I say is there a need for external stimulant 
which is only temporary, to feel high?
Which is my true eternal nature.
I became 
Bhagawan for the Hindus,
Yahova for the Jews,
God for Christians,
Allah for the Muslims.
Their love for me made me 
become what they loved.
But the foolish could not understand my love and 
started to compare and fight among themselves.
Closeness of heart, 
though miles apart.
I do not understand when people ask me,
“Have you seen God?”.
How is that question going to help them?
Thank you for letting me behold 
the beautiful sunrise and sunset.
Make me the fire of your love,
So whoever that comes in contact,
From far or near, feels,
The warmth and light of your love.
Make me the fire of your love,
so I can spread the warmth 
and light of your Love.
Without love life is just a routine,
It is only love that makes 
life a celebration.
When in love, remember that both
Union and separation are just
a test and also instruments to 
strengthen and purifies love.
Mind like an unleash dog,
runs everywhere and anywhere,
It should be leashed with the belt of 
Knowledge and intelligence.
They ask me, “Do you drink?”.
And I smile and say is there a need for any 
temporary, external stimulant to experience high,
which is my true eternal nature.
To say everything you feel,
Without speaking a single word,
To express your deepest emotions,
By just a single glance,
To willingly give away yourself,
By just a single smile,
To live eternity,
In a single moment of Love.
Eyes pour profusely drops of tears,
To extinguish the fire in my heart,
But the breath rekindles it again,
Endless night makes my pain 
endless too, without you.
Be like the fragrance of the flower,
Secured and settled in the source,
But still everywhere and free.
Happiness and distress, 
come and go without disturbing, 
like the leaves and flowers in seasons,
When the heart is rooted deeply in the Divine.
The yearning and need for peace 
is felt and appreciated in the midst of 
turmoil and confusion.
It is closeness of hearts and soul 
that make it easy and possible 
for the union of two bodies.
Unseen fragrance,
Experienced through the visible flower.
Unseen sweetness,
Tasted through the visible fruit.
Unseen love,
Felt through our heart.
In the presence of the death life becomes precious.
Life becomes precious when it comes 
in presence of death face to face.
Every night when I go to rest 
and retire for the day, 
You make my faith strong in 
your love, care and affection for us.
A little endeavor in right direction is better than 
full and complete endeavor in a wrong direction.
What wonderful magic tricks you perform 
to amuse our hearts, my love.
You make us put a single seed in the ground below and 
manifest thousands hidden in the fruits above.
You evaporate water from earth and shower on us 
the rain of your grace from heavens.
You divide your divine light 
into countless stars at night and 
in the morning unite them all in one single sun.
You hide the sun in the west every day and 
make it reappear from the east again.
You the One who created millions and millions of us,
again unite just two to give birth to a single one.
You are the best teacher 
in the entire universe.
The way You teach us the lessons 
on humility are wonderful.
You blossom fruits and flowers 
on the branches of the tree,
But to restrain them from pride,
You bend them in humility.
You bloomed beautiful lotuses in dirt,
and the sweet smiling rose with thorns.
You made the vast ocean, but its water salty,
so that it wont get pride of its greatness.
You gave the sun and the moon their effulgence,
but to keep them humble 
You wane and wax the moon regularly
and the sun looses its light at night.
Of darkness, I am ignorance,
The sun, just a spark of me.
Mind though not seen,
tortures and torments,
making me sleepless and restless from my core.
Let the ripples of love 
from the core of your heart 
echo in the universe.
Concentrate on your goal and destination,
but also enjoy each and every moment of your journey. 
Cause the satisfaction of reaching the destination 
only comes when the journey is enjoyed consciously and 
is full of good memories.
God looks better for some when 
He is faceless and  formless.
For many people in this world,
to witness the beauty of your face, 
is like an over dose, 
they cannot comprehend, 
since your beautiful face and form 
is unlike anything that we have seen 
in this creation of yours. 
That is why for some God looks better, 
when he is faceless and formless.
Love hurts cause it makes you 
awaken, aware and alive.
When we are not ashamed, 
worried and uncomfortable 
of our nakedness in the presence 
of the world around us, 
that is when God will manifest 
His face which is not seen 
by the seeing eyes.
If only we could not be like the fish 
who cannot compare the freedom 
of the whole life to just a tiny 
portion of food on the hook.
How ignorant and foolish it sounds 
when people say that “ignorance is bliss”. 
Cause ignorance is nothing 
but just pure ignorance.
And bliss is not even close by or 
as anything to do with ignorance.
It is like saying day is night, or that 
you can see rainbow at night.
In your separation, 
your memories are like bonus,
I relish my time with you twice,
with you and when you are away.
When hungry, a picture of food 
wont do any good for you,
we need real food to satisfy our hunger.
Than why in case of love and 
our deepest yearning for union with you 
we substitute people and things,
Instead of choosing you 
the only true refuge for our hearts, 
our soul mate and soul food.
In your presence, 
I discover myself every moment,
During your absence,
I am a stranger to myself.
Finally I understand that 
“my search of You” 
is just my own game of hide and seek.
Peace is the only mean and road to peace, not war.
Sometimes what it is, is not seen, and
Sometimes what is seen, is not it.
Dawn arrived, with its mirror, the sun,
to show the effulgence and beauty 
if its beloved’s face, the night.
Laying in your arms,
I experience the unmatched happiness 
of the limitless universe, 
teaching me the secrets 
of the macrocosm in the microcosm.
The time of farewell and separation is already here and 
you have not shown your face to me yet.
After uniting with the night, 
as the sun rose in the eastern sky,
flooding the world with its light.
The smiles on their faces, 
as they glanced at each other,
unveiled the secrets of the time of love 
spent together without speaking.
We spread and endeavor everywhere
like branches in search of our source and center
without realizing that like roots it is always 
a part of us and we are always one with it.
Even a lifeless machine 
can have so many applications.
like a simple player can have in it a tape player, 
CD player, MP3 player and a IPod hook up.
So why cannot the “Supreme Divine Being” 
be “God” of all love and faiths, 
without restrictions of our mental hang over, 
likes, understandings, programmed mind and upbringing.
Pets are nothing but a new word 
for the old habit and hobby called slavery.
No wonder why the drops feeling 
separation from the sky, their origin, 
unite to become big waves and 
jump upwards to try to unite with the sky again.
People are very weird,
As children they do not wont their parents doing it,
Nor as parents they would wont their children do it,
But when it comes to them and now they find every reason and excuse to do it.
There is always a shadow/darkness present when there is light. 
Shadow/darkness is nothing but the fact and proof of the presence of light. 
They are not there to challenge, fight, over power or destroy  one another 
but to complete and compliment each other.
From the roots and the seeds, 
Learn hope and faith in the Creator.
In winter they patiently stay hidden underground with undivided faith and 
know that soon spring will come and blossom them again. 
Teaching us the lesson and very proof of Reincarnation.
Now you can be both,
Old, ancient & wise of the past and
new, young and innocent of future.
Like the flowers and plants 
let the fragrance of God’s love 
emanate from every breath 
and pores of your being.
You ask me if I have seen or experienced God?
And I say to you that I feel, see and experience God in your eyes, smile, kindness, friendship and love. How much more proof you want me to give of His existence?
When I go away from you,
I leave my heart with you,
When you go away from me,
I send my heart with you.
They say I must be mad to fall in love with you. and I say that if it is my madness that makes me fall in love with you, than I love my madness too.
Experience oneness in togetherness !
I miss your presence, 
when I am with myself.
Now that I have in this birth met, seen and known you. I want you to remember me till your last breath and thereafter. Cause now you losing me of boerdom and distance will be a foolishness and me losing you to forgetfulness and absence will be a foolish mistake.
In the ocean of my mind,
memories of you, 
rise and subside every moment.
What if you just reached heaven or 
the abode of your God,  
and that very day your God just desired 
to dress up in the form, gender and name of 
another’s God just for fun or change. 
What would you do than? 
Would you love Him less or hate Him too?
My glance like the bees 
taste the sweetness of your beautiful face, 
granting me the unmatched satisfaction 
of the entire universe.
The mathematics of this body, 
mind and spirit is interesting. 
When your physical presence is minus, 
your memories become plus and multiples.
And when you become plus,
the entire world becomes minus.
Your glance has the magic and 
the power to ignite desire, 
which only your touch can satisfy.
Love and affection of this world ,
is just loose crambs fallen off your hand my love.
Light is light for everyone,
but you are that point on the prism 
that translates and transforms 
that light into beautiful rainbow colors, 
which makes the whole world colorful. 
Just your presence colors all consciousness. 
You see cause you are shown what you are seeing, 
Or else do you think just the eyes 
is enough or capable to see?
Dream I do of You, 
Do you of I?
There is only One Reality.
Rest are just Reflections of Reality.
Because you keep the door shut,
You hear the knocking.
Now/Present is a reincarnation of past.
Future is a baby in the womb of now/present.
You come and go as you like.
When you will leave someday for good,
I will be in pain and broken hearted.
But even than I am happy and thankful 
that I got to see your face in this life,
like I have in all my previous births.
Longing and yearning for union 
is nothing but ripening 
of the heart and soul.
just like the fruit when ready and ripe
falls on the ground which is it’s origin,
completing the cycle.
Like one root nourishes and sustains
hundred of branches, leaves, flowers 
and fruits in a single tree.
Like one sun nourishes and sustains 
the entire universe.
So also the One and only Supreme 
Divine Loving Personality of Godhead,
nourishes and sustains each and every atom and 
entities both moving and innate.
It would be foolish if you saw a tree in winter and believe 
that the tree do not have leaves, flowers and fruits, 
cause they do not have any in winter.
but when the time and season is right 
leaves, flowers and fruits will appear again.
So also it is sheer foolishness when people believe 
there is no God cause they cannot see God “Right now”.
They cannot see, not because God does not exist,
but it is only cause of their immaturity of faith, 
love and devotion.
Body so exhausted and tired,
Lies dead on the bed lifeless,
Mind and heart so restless,
Keeps me awake tossing and turning,
Eyes which have not seen you in a while,
Finally see and unite with you in dreams.
Stop wasting your promising and words,
Be silent and let things just happen,
Cause when they happen,
It will be a Surprise.
Like the Sun, I rise and set everyday.
Just a drop of you love
Transforms my dry desert like heart 
into ocean of your love.
Trust, faith and believe are the only things 
which keeps you on the other side of knowing.
The difference between the seeds and the humans 
is that the seeds begin their journey of life 
from the ground and we humans end ours there.
You are the center and the key 
to all the mysteries of the universe.
All the beauty in the universe are just 
the expression and projection of the beauty experienced within.
Bringing to us the beautiful day,
Full of joy, peace, love and abundance,
as a gift from God.
The sun rises and travels to west,
unseen, uncredited and not noticed by people
busy rushing to get somewhere,
The gift of life unopened and half lived, 
life passes by them everyday.
Oneness of heart, mind and spirit 
also manifest togetherness of beings.
The pain of being forgotten by you
is like the fear of dying
A million deaths ever moment.
The One becomes two
To experience and express love
And two multiples into many
To share that feeling of love.
Union of two hearts and souls in love
Impregnates every moment with memories.
It is possible to experience
Spiritual ecstacy without the crutches of
Cultural rules and religious regulations.
Dreams are like writtings 
on the sand of the ocean shore,
they only stay till the wave of dawn 
come and wash them away.
I unite with you my love, whenever,
Waves unite within the ocean,
Fragrance with breath,
Breath with life,
Eyes with glances,
Night with moon,
Bee with a flower,
Creeper with a tree,
Rain with cloud,
Water with thirst,
Embrace with arms.
Jealousy and envy embraces my entire being,
As you gift the gift of your embrace 
and the sweetness of your lips to others but me.
I desire to drown,
Not in the ocean,
Not in the river,
But in the depth and unmatched 
current of your eyes,
Which pulls me towards you,
When you glance at me.
Writing poetry is like fishing,
The fisherman catches 
the fish with a net,
The poet catches thoughts, 
emotions and feelings
In the net of words.
To start the day without 
Seeing your face is like
Asking someone to stay 
Alive without breathing.
Not even your own mother and father
can create another one like you again,
Even if they tried very hard all eternity.
What is this life?
Working only till we keep fueling 
the machine, this body,
with coal of breath.
Sometimes reaching us to destinations of
Happiness and sometimes distress.
In love 
distance strengthens 
closeness of heart.
And when close 
helps two to be one
In body, mind, heart and spirit.
Love maddens 
Separation tortures and torments
But still even with complete knowledge
We embrace it with a smile and willing heart.
Like the moth in love with the fire 
embraces the fire without thinking of its life.
You and only You, my love,
Have touched and embraced me
with countless arms,
Kissed me
with many lips,
And loved and accompanied me
in different forms
Birth after birth.
Arms and lips were of this world but
the warmth and sweetness from those 
Embrace and kisses were surely Yours.
Salt and spices to food,
So is separation to love.
I feel complete in your company.
It is there, but we have yet to reach.
For a student and a seeker of truth,
He can hear and acknowledge the truth 
even from the mouth of a liar.
When the universal/sun of truth is out and shining,
All the individualistic/lamps/stars 
dissolve and disappear in the light of that truth.
My heart and mind 
have already followed you 
after seeing your sweet face,
Now both my life and hope 
are making plans to abandon me
and join them too.
There is no teaching, 
But you can learn,
If you are ready.
There will always be some
limitation to you knowledge
Cause the unknown is truly unlimited.
Nakedness is important and necessary 
while making love.
You cannot be attach to having your
cloths on you that time,
it will be an hindrance and a foolishness.
So also when you want to learn 
about something from a teacher,
surrender and undress your 
ego, self, mind, pride and 
previous programmed ideas.
Do not try to understand or listen 
to love with your body.
There are limitations in that,
With your heart and soul,
Feel and experience love, 
this shoreless ocean of love.
Let love be like the sunrise
Natural, simple and true
Just let it happen.
Why you have to see to believe?
Believe not cause you can or cannot see.
In the ocean of misery and turbulence,
There is always a precious pearl of bliss,
Hidden deep within somewhere.
You my love, like my life, 
breath and heart beats,
Stay with me forever,
Cause without all of you I die.
Every breath is a strong and 
complete proof of your presence.
The hidden seed and roots of the visible tree 
is a lesson and very proof 
of the presence of the unseen God 
in the visible manifested creation of His.
Satisfaction of our soul self 
is in surrendering in submission 
to our only true soul mate.
No matter how much you fight
Just a glance and a smile from you
Washes everything away clean
Just like all the things on the shore
Gets washed away by the tides.
Science is nothing but finding reasons
to make sense of the magic and mystery.
Abhinaya ~ Creating reality through illusion.
Illusive realities of the unreal world.
The sun rises daily to remind me 
of the brilliant effulgence, power, 
bliss and peace within me.
And sets again daily to teach me 
about the duality and temporary 
nature of this world.
You lay protected and shield 
In the arms of someone
And why does this stupid cupid
Showers his arrows on me?
The River with its gentle, simple and 
selfless serving nature to all, 
Wether human, animal or plant, 
becomes from its small and 
humble beginnings one day 
surely the limitless ocean.
We keep sowing the seeds of our love 
in the hearts of this world, 
which are like soil infertile and impotent,
Than wonder why didnt the seed sprout?
or if it does, Why the fruits are not sweet?
Those whom you love 
may not be around 
when you wake up,
But those who love you
will always wait for you 
no matter how long you sleep.
Each and every breath
Celebrates and echoes 
your love and presence.
Adversities, misfortunes and pain
Strengthens and confirms
My faithand love in You.
Like butter near fire,
The warmth of your love,
Makes me melt,
When I am in your arms.
Every atom of my body
Want to erupt like a volcano
To unite and become one with You.
Love has no reason,
It is the reason in itself.
Unseen but more real than anything real.
Memorable memories !!!
Like sugar, though it dissolves and melts in the milk,
It sweetens and stays in the milk.
So also I though when away and gone,
Will  always stay in your memories
And sweeten your life.
I am the blueprint of God’s love for you.
Our parents are the blueprint of Go’s love for us.
Destiny is desire impregnated with action and Grace.
The union of the bodiless wind
with the trees gave birth 
to the music of the leaves.
Boredom with inaction results restlessness.
You are alive when you love,
Rest of the time just living.
You are move precious to me 
than my very own breath.
How can I be detached from you,
When I know that my attachment and union 
with you is my true complete wholeness,
without which my exixtence is purposeless.
Like the lid of a bottle,
It’s purpose is fulfilled 
when it is attached with the bottle,
And it is useless when separated from it.
In the matters of the world they say
“Dont ask if you can’t give”,
It’s like a bussiness deal,
Like a two ways street.
But in the matters of heart and love,
You never ask but just give,
love and serve Unconditionally.
Like a one way street with a dead end.
Like the fragrance of the musk
Present in his naval
Maddens the deer.
So also your presence 
In my heart and mind
Maddens and make me restless.
Duality is necessay 
to experience oneness.
Because, Duality kindles 
the yearning for oneness
and union with our source.
The earth is always showered 
with light on one side and
darkness on another
It is where we stand 
that makes us experience 
day or night, light or darkness.
I am everywhere and also nowhere
because I am here.
I only pray for your Grace
which is my only hope and shelter
Since I know the resultsof my endeavors.
Oneness of the hearts is more important,
Though the physical presence is absent.
O Radha, your name 
is the breath of Krishna’s flute
And you the very life and soul of Krishna.
The winter may be harsh and long,
But it cannot stop the coming of spring.
Like water to swim,
So is your face to live my life.
Humanity and human heart,
Transcends religion.
Let love be like the sun,
Always shining, bright and effulgent,
Misunderstanding and difference of opinions
Like the temporary clouds.
In every tomorrow,
Is a hidden today.
Keep me for you
Take my life and
Make it yours.
A single drop of Faith can
Drown the ocean of doubt.
Heaven not in the sky above,
But below in the dust,
At the feet of My Beloved.
The beautiful colors 
Of the autumn sunset
Is the reflection of
The fire of seperation
Burning in my heart.
Like the sun and the seasons
Go, go away if you have to
But promise me like they do
Of your return.
Million shinning stars or
One falling and dying
What difference it makes?
Be like the sun or the moon
Both their appearance and absence
Effects the whole world.
The dried bed of the rivers and lakes
Only shows the depth of their separation from water.
Desire to become DesireLess
Give all of yourself and become free
Like the moth enters the flame it loves
And becomes the light.
Like the caterpillar bind yourself to love
And be free and graced 
By the colorful wings of love.
I want to love you,
Every inch of you,
Every molecule in you,
A million times for a million years.
There is “God”.
Just one “God”.
One for all,
Not “your” God and “my” God.
How stupid and foolish of people and religions 
to compare the superiority 
of one God and religion over another.
God like the ocean of fresh cooling water 
quenches everyone’s thirst.
It is simply immature and foolishness 
of some religion and people 
who sit on the shore and think
that the little water in their palms 
is best and superior to the water 
from the same ocean in any other palms.
Every time I wake up from my sleep 
in the middle of the night,
Thoughts of you rush to my mind,
Like the fragrance of the perfume,
Applied in the morning lingers all day.
Desire to be with you
Drowns my nights
Into sleeplessness.
Greed only breeds greed and nothing else.
Your Face is the only reality
Everything else are just 
Ripples and reflections.
The determination of the tiny rain drops
falling from the sky transforms itself into
a stream, a river and finally the vast ocean.
To become one with all or be the one in all.

My mind lingers with you,
My heart craves for you,
And here I am bond and enslaved to this
Physical body that cannot be with you.
They ask me why I am not with someone?
And I ask them if you loved me very much
Would you share me with anyone?
“No” they say.
So God who loves me more than anyone,
Why would he want to share me with anyone?
When making love with your beloved
You close all the doors and windows
When you sit to meditate
Close all the windows of your senses.
Duality is important
Just like our bodies
Which is made up of 70% water
Still we need water from outside to 
Quench our thrist.
The same sky which gives us 
Light during day also brings
Darkness at night.
My heart silently screams
To keep you forever...
When the time for you
To departs arrives.
If someone leaving you 
Can reunite you with
The One who is inseperable
Than it is still not a bad barGain.
Both too much of light and darkness 
unable our eyes from seeing.
Have you ever been so happy
That you forgot not just to eat or drink,
But hunger and thirst itself.
I have no love nor devotion
I am niether smart and intelligent
But I have heard of your 
Love, compassion and grace
There is no fear in the world for me anymore.
In fallen leaves of autumn,
In the death, destruction and end,
I see hidden the very seed of hope, 
birth and new beginnings.
It is good to have hunger 
But it should not become
The cause of your indigestion.
When you look in the mirror and
Still see your own face in it
Instead of your beloved
What than is the depth of your love?
When you go to the alter in 
The place of worship of any other religion
And still think this is “their God” and this is 
“my God”, than you have not understood God truly.
The fallen leaves on the ground in autumn 
is the indication and reflection 
of the new leaves which will 
bloom soon in spring.
Every breath I breathe in
My mind thinks a 
Thousand thoughts of you.
Unlike the ocean 
My love for you
Is shoreless, but
Deep like it.

Unlike religion the Dharma of the soul

Which is to love
Like the refreshing fragrance of the mint leaves
Wether fresh and alive or
Dry, dead and old
Stays with the soul
Irrespective of the forms it takes.

From humble beginnings

Like the roots in the dirt
Through hardships and struggles
Like the thorns on the branches
Only than do we become
beautiful and colorful to
Experience and speard 
Our inner sweet fragrance
Like the rose flowers.

Loneliness is nothing but the fire
That cooks and prepares the heart
For the final moment of union.

Loneliness is nothing but the fire

That cooks and prepares the heart

For the final moment of union.

But being aware at every moment

During that time is important

Or like food on fire unattended burns

So also if the mind and heart are not

Focused and attached to God our goal
It will try to find material substitutes
In people and things of this world
Lossing the purpose of its existence.
Only stars high up in the heavens
Have the possibility of falling down
The humble dust on the ground
At the feet of the beloved
Is always safe and precious.

Your grace like rain
Falling everywhere and
I like a fool choose
To hide and sit indoor
And think I am safe.
So far you face the light
Your back will be in the dark
Until you realize and know
Your true nature which 
Like the sun is effulgent
From it's very core.
A single petal of a flower
Is not a complete flower
It is just a small part of the flower
So also form and formlessness
Are both part of the divine reality
You cannot ignore or negate one 
Just because you like or 
Are attracted to another.
There is more than one way 
To tie and untie your shoes
Than why not to know God
The best is to let Him
Untie our attachments 
of the world and tie ourselves to Him alone. 
And than there are other ways 
which are nothing but our endeavors
Some quick and easy 
Some hard and complicated. 
Life and society becomes anemic 
In the absence of art and spirituality.
Colorless the colors of holi 
and spring without you,
I blush and turn red and pink
When you glance and smile at me
So you come and color me 
With the colors of your 
Smile and glance.
Trying to find happiness 
Through body and matter 
Is like trying to get 
Few drops of juice from
Already squeezed orange.
Unlike the thirst of this world
When it unites with water
It is destroyed by water itself
But the sweet nectar from your lips 
immortalize the one who as tasted it 
It as made my thirst for your lips eternal. 
Just a mere glimpse of you 
increases my craving for you.
There is a huge difference
In making a mistake 
once in a while cause 
we are just human and 
learning a lesson from it,
And being lazy and dumb 
And keep repeating 
the same mistake and 
saying, 'well I m just a human'.
You say,' No god, but God '
But does your God have 
the choice and freedom to be 
any god when he desires to be?
Or is he just a slave and a prisoner  
Of a particular religion that 
you have chosen for him to belong to or 
of your ideas and limited programmed understanding of
who and how god should be?
I don't have to be in a 
particular place or with 
particular group of people 
to feel my love for the one 
who is eternal companion. 
Is there any peace or fun 
In loosing your identity? 
Than why they 
Don't Like God having 
Name and form?
The question if god has a form or is formless?
There exist always two parallel realities like Day and night, 
It is like the two sides of the coin 
They always exist and both are real
Just because you are facing and looking at one side 
does not make the other side not real.
You and I
Like the waves 
Appear and again disappear 
Back in the same divine sea 
It appeared from 
A part of it and in it again.
No where else to go or be...
You wore a million masks & danced with me
Then you scattered them all around in this crowded world
And hid behind a million different faces
Now I search for you behind these faces of the world
In hopes of finding you...
You openly act unaware and ignorant
Of my love & attraction to you
And I secretly keep loving & being 
Attracted towards you.
Make me Your shadow
So Your movements 
When You dance
Reflect in me always...
One who has not lost in love
Has not really loved at all..
Shorter than the falling star
From one breath to another
Is the span of our life.
My silence speaks of the unspeakable
Who is unseen but present everywhere.
Not in sound nor in words
But only in silence
Is the secret of love
Expressed and experienced. 
You embrace me 
With Your arms of wind and
Soft light of the dawn.
People who try to understand
Spiritual and metaphysical truths
By physical and scientific facts
Are like people who try to study
Physics with biology text books.
Restlessness of the body and mind
All day and all night
Is the side effect
Before and after seeing you.
You who gave hands and legs
To all the forms of the world,
Choose none for your own self?
Is it to flood the hearts of your 
Devotees who lovingly carry You
To your chariots or to prove
the point mentioned in the Vedas
That You move without legs..
Greatness knocks at every door
And when it finds humility
It surrenders at its feet.
So does sweetness in search
Of complete ripened state 
Of a fruit and becomes one with it.
You kill me with your glances
And bring me back to life
With You touch and kisses.
I am the breath
I am the breathing
I am the One Who breathes...
To me without you
day or night
What does it matter?
You are my sun and my moon
Day, night and this universe are
Just the effects of your presence.
We become man of God when
We start seeing the presence of God in every man.
Outer beauty without 
Inner humility and grace
Is like a fruit without
Sweetness and juice.
The one thing I miss about You 
Is everything...
Like the different petals of a same flower
Though separate individually
Unite and become one at the core of that one flower.
So also we though may be separate and different 
In many ways are one on a spiritual level.
I remind myself to not remember you
But cannot remember to forget you.
You like a seed are
The source and the support
Of this world and like it
Remain hidden in this world.
I fail to remember you
Even once in a million moments
And you shower your grace
A million times every moment.
God gave us the seeds,
Seeds that hide secrets in them,
Secrets of the beauty and fullfillment,
One who knows how to
Sow and cultivate them,
Creates, relishes and enjoys the gifts,
Of fruits, flowers, colors and taste.
I was at the bank to deposit my checks.
When the lady at the counter was counting all the checks, 
I was looking at my name different people had written 
in different hand writings.
Though they all had written my name in differently
it was the same person they all were addressing it to.
So also different religions, scriptures, saints and people though they are different, they are all talking about the same Divine Supreme Creator of us all.
Krishna make my heart
Soft, pure and sweet
Like the butter that
You love to steal.
You like the effulgent sun
Always present to light
Our path and life 
But our mind, ego and intelligence
Like the clouds cover only 
Our vision and understanding
Of You and not You.

In the depth and stillness
Of the crystal clear lake
We see the reflection of
Your beautiful face
With a sweet enchanting smile
Religions and Concepts like rocks
We throw in that stillness
Trying to prove and validate
Our description of You.
The duality of the one,
The unity and oneness of two.
True science always 
Acknowledges, accepts and 
Leaves room for possibilities.
I know God is the only One
Who can love you
Purely and unconditionally
But till He gets here, or me there
I would love s substitute in that post. ;)
The attraction towards
The glitters of the world blinds me, 
With eyes closed I only want to see
your moon like soothing face in my heart.
You are my constant companion
In both my conscious and unconscious states.
It is wise to light a candle 
Than to blame the darkness.
The fools blame the darkness
The wise light a candles.
With the heaviness in the air
Every breath I take feels empty.
The sound of my silence
Is louder and stronger
Than my words and voice.
You can recognize both
A fool and a wise person
When the begin to speak.
That is why the ancient
Advice us to always
Listen and speak cautiously.
You like the effulgent sun
Always present to light
Our paths and life
But our mind and intelligence
Like the could cover our
Vision and understanding of You.
let love be the only religion
Compassion, forgiveness, equality
Humility and servitude
Its off shoots.
You intoxicate me with
Your sweet smile, speech and glance
Now I visit the taverns of this world
To find substitute for my addiction of You.
Silent love does not mean dead love,
It is just love waiting patiently.
Find anything and fall in love with it
With all your heart and soul
Does not matter if it is
A stone, image, person or even art form
Let your purity and single minded devotion
Make the divine desperate to manifest
In the object of your love.
Guru is eternally present
Both for you and me,
In you and me.
I have learnt that
In nature and life itself
There is never such things
As winning or loosing
If so there would never be
Sun or morning everyday
After working so hard
All day to keep light
Than loosing itself to dark night
beautiful bright full moon night
After dark new moon night
Spring every year after cold freezing winter
Monsoon after long harsh summer.
In your absence
Even the God of Love
Becomes God of Death.
Do not just live
Experience the living
In its fullness.
Celebrate my life
When I an no more here
On this physical material plain
Do not moan, but do miss me
From time to time every time.
Like the worm that eats
The very leaf it stays on
So does this love
Which is in my heart
Slowly devours it too.
The incompleteness in 
My complete being
Eats me day and night.
Emancipation from the bondage of the soil
Is no freedom for the tree.
To obtain the juice 
You have to squeeze the fruit.
I know and feel your presence
Though my eyes cannot see you
Nor your hands and feet.
But I see you bloom
The flowers in my garden
And in them I smell the fragrance 
Of the loving touch of your hands.
In the world we see
One and many
Male and female
Black and white
Red and yellow
Sun and moon
Day and night
From a small ant to a mountain
Nothing mono
And since we all come from 
That One Supreme Divine
Should that divine ness
Not be allowed to possess
All the differences we see around us
And not imprison and impose
Our limited understanding of monotheism.
Day clarifies and the night amplifies.
Devotion glances
In the eyes and face of  humility
And humility at the feet of devotion.
Like the many petals of a flower
Which completes it and makes it beautiful
So also the One Supreme Divine Being
We call God
Like that one flower of monotheism
Includes all the petals of polytheism
Without all the petals the flower
Is not complete
God too expands into divinity
Into many names and forms.
We are put in a situations
Were we are alone, lonely and isolated,
So we can easily and spontaneously
Surrender and depend only on God.
Like the roots 
Though buried deep down
Under the darkness of the earth
Teach us one thing
On matter what our present condition and situation
Always move towards light.... Tamaso ma jyotir gamaya...
Rent your heart to Love
not to fear and hate.
People who say 
“I’ll try my best”, should know
That there is a thing called endeavor
and another willingness
To just try is to endeavor
With or without your desire
And another is just doing it willingly.
The day without the sun?
Night without the darkness?
Waves without the ocean?
Fruits and flowers without a tree?
Trees without seeds and roots?
Shadow without form?
Soup without the cook?
So also the world without You?
Still foolish and stubborn people
Argue and question your existence.
In the glimpses of the world
I get incites of You.
My body is dead 
Without my soul
And my soul, Without You.
It does not matter if takes me a lifetime,
To find you.
At the end of the day if I end up at your door step
Though it may be night and dark
I am home and safe in your presence.
Our experiences and feelings 
Are nothing but answers
To questions we had asked
In the past or the ones we will ask in future.
Why do some religions 
Design the destiny Of God 
So strictly without any room 
For His freedom of choice to change
Just in case He changes His mind.
Some people 
Talk hard
Work Hardly...
Being stupidly stubborn and
Foolishly truthful is not smart
Success is not achievement 
Happiness is not being selfish
Love is not weakness.
Let the journey of my life
Be life your Rasa dance
Were you become both
The center and the circumference
Of my existence and destination.
In pursuit of oneness
I have learnt that
Because of distance and duality
The need for the journey is awaken 
Duality exist so we can experience union.
Tu manch par kutch adbhut kar ke lupt ho jata hai,
Aur mujhe chod deta hai prasansa aur taliyan 
batorne ke liye...

The sun knocks the door of our life
And wakes us up everyday
The night covers us up with the blanket 
With darkness of night for us to rest and rejuvenate.
On this journey to reach You
I have no confidence nor hopes
On my abilities and strength
But of Your Grace and Love
Is my hope and strength. 
It is not during conception
Nor at the time of child birth
But only in between
These two actions that
We humans engage in
Thinking it to be our achievements
But during the nine months
In between them that You
Silently work to create life.
Seek the beginning in every end.
Love is not what everyone thinks
Just the heart thing
If it is not accompanied by 
The hands and the head, It is waste of time.
You gifted me seeds
And asked me to bury them 
Fear of loosing the seeds
I kept them in my hands
You sent cool breeze
Which blew the seeds
And buried them in the ground
When spring came 
Grew and bloomed
The morning glory
But I lamented for
The marigold had not yet come
Than when the marigold bloomed
I lamented for the morning glory 
For it was dry and gone
In this way I never rejoiced
For the gifts from you
But stayed caught up lamenting
In coming and going.
In the name of connectivity, freedom and convenience
We enslave ourselves in the clutches and shackles
Of modern machines and gadgets like phones and laptops.
Praises and flattery
Like stormy winds
Swipes away our heart, mind and ego. 
When I know I am one with
The sun, moon, stars and the universe
Than why do I keep covering myself
With these temporary coverings of the world
Which binds and enslaves me.
The mirror is the illusion
What is seen is not real
But the one who sees is.
Plants bloom all over in festivity
to welcome the arrival of spring
Irrespective of their colors, fragrance of kind
We humans fight even in our believes and understanding
Of the One true divinity
That may choose to manifest itself 
In different forms, genders or formlessness.
The fountain of love
Buried deep in the heart
Sprouts out through the eyes
The fog may cover and hide 
The majestic mountain in front of you
But that does not mean, it does not exist
So also the fog of our ignorance hides
The divinity in and around us.
Tearless sincerity is better than fake tears.
The ocean waters may be salty
But I urge/advice you to dive deeper
I wont promise you that the water will be sweeter
But for sure if you look harder you will find
Beautiful pearls hidden under.
Like breath which is eternally present and true
Wether you are aware or forgetful of it
So also is divinity that we call God.
Why is that some people and their religion
Love the idea of many/multiple
When it comes to choosing 
Wives and virgins for them
But when it is question of choosing Divinity
Their only preference is Monotheism
And are stuck with only the one.
Glimpses of your beauty and qualities 
In minute quantity I see in your creation
And get attracted to them
What will happen to me when
I will meet you face to face.
You and I, eternal and constant
In each other’s embrace
The time in awe, humility and devotion
Circumambulates us eternally.
The seed, the soil and the sun
The many unite so we can relish and experience
The shade of the tree, fragrance of the flowers 
And the sweetness of the fruits
So also You the One
Become many and open the doors
Of abundance and unlimited possibilities for all.
Experiencing the two sides of extremes in one
The limitlessness that is life itself
In the limited existence that is the body.
There is no duplicate to/of God
But also God is not restricted 
To your limited and immature 
Idea, concept and understanding of God
So there is no “my” or “your” God.
Trickster indeed you are
With what  elements did you create this world?
What is seen, felt and which could be touched.
Are unreal and temporary,
The true and real,
You made it Unseen and Eternal.
Trickster indeed you are.
The vision of my eyes is dimming slowly
Without seeing the light and beauty
Of you face and  smile.
Will the thirst of my lips, not be quince
By the nectar of you lips?
Will not my chest experience the 
Warmth of you embrace again?
The soundless mind is the loudest and most talkative.

The language of the eyes, speak silently.
One breath from his lips entered 
That dry and dead bamboo flute
And it became alive with 
Sound sweet like nectar 
Hearing which I became
Breathless and still
The flowing yamuna, like me, still too
And the hard stones melted.
What magic He blows from those lips
That makes dead and still things
Alive and flow
And living things still.
Krsna, if you wanted to kill us, the vraja gopikas, 
Why did you wait for so long and why by going away from us to mathura ?
You could have just dropped the giri govardhan mountain on our heads when we all were below it, the day you had lifted it on your little finger.

Krsna, I am confused and wonder what was heavy?
The flute/murali or the mountain/girigovardhan?
Since to lift the govardhan mountain that day, 
you picked it up on just your little finger in left hand, 
But the murali you use both the hands.

The Sun
The Moon and
The Stars
Shine silently.

Without Him, my friend
My life and existance
Doomed and engulfed
In darkness from everywhere
How than does the arrows of the cupid find and target me?

The word as a sound can be heard but not seen,
The same word written can be seen but not heard.


For the full moon to look beautiful and complete,
It needs a dark night.


No matter how much the moon is full and bright,
The light that illumines it is of the sun.


It is better to see that one divinity in all than to ask,
All to see “The One” only or else 
Be killed and burn eternally in hell.